It has been a long time since I took the previous iteration of my site down (after being up, in one form or another, since ’98).

I won’t get into a lot of detail about why I took it down, I am sure that will reveal itself in time, except to say: When I had a site, I could never find work. It wasn’t until I took the site down that I started doing freelance web design, development, and consulting — I found that to be such a strange thing that my usual discovery meeting with small-business owners began with a simple question: Why do you think you need a website? You are about to hire an independent contractor — to do web design, development, and consulting — who doesn’t have one.

I am still torn, to be honest, as to putting this back up. But, I have been working with a lot of interesting folks and teams over the last few years and have learned a lot. One might consider this site to be a sort of notes-to-self along the vein of a professor-site.

Project Management and Productivity

These notes do not have code samples and discuss things about project management, productivity, process improvement, etc..


How this Works: This site is completely unscripted. In other words, I do not prewrite anything — not even the code. I write the articles as I am actively writing the code samples. So, you will get to see the evolution of design with each iteration/implementation of code. Professionals I respect in the industry have often pointed out that, when you work in the industry, your personal site becomes a sort of playground/sandbox for personal experimentation. This “unscripted” concept is just one more in a very long line for me…enjoy.

Personal Notes

These notes do not have code samples and discuss things on a more personal level.