Question roulette

How it works

A live event will be marketed. If performed virtually, a method will be provided to submit questions. If performed in-person, attendees will write a question on a blank playing card. In either format, the first 52 questions will be combined in a “deck”.

Questions will be drawn at random either by a fair software application or by shuffling the deck and drawing a card at random.

Questions known to be duplicative will not be answered, unless I think the answer has changed. I will not know any of the questions ahead of time. While I reserve the right to not answer a question, I cannot image a question that would cause me to invoke this right.

If we make it through the 52 questions from the beginning, I will begin drawing from the pile of previously unanswered questions.

Most questions and responses will be transcribed here.



I’ve always been fascinated by speaker who can inspire audiences to think, laugh, cry, or all three. I’ve always admired the work of well executed improv performances. I’ve always appreciated the quick wit sometimes demonstrated during question and answer sessions. I’ve often been disappointed when I knew someone in a crowd had a biting question that was never asked. (I’ve also always wanted to have a justifiable reason to practice cardistry.)

My hope is to deliver and practice everything from the first paragraph while opening space to the questions people are afraid to ask in a crowd of strangers and coworkers.