Primary format: Live performance

Participation: Be one of the first 52 through the door

Improvements and roadmap for the project:


I’ve always been fascinated by speaker who can inspire audiences to think, laugh, cry, or all three. I’ve always admired the work of well executed improv performances. I’ve always appreciated the quick wit sometimes demonstrated during question and answer sessions. I’ve often been disappointed when I knew someone in a crowd had a biting question that was never asked. (I’ve also always wanted to have a justifiable reason to practice card flourishes and deck manipulation.)

  1. Each of the first 52 patrons to enter a venue are handed a blank playing card.
  2. They write a question on the card in marker.
  3. Once the each card has a question on it, they are put on the stage as a deck completely visible on stage; I do not get to see them.
  4. I enter the stage and grab the deck.
  5. I begin shuffling the cards.
  6. I draw one.
  7. Read the question aloud.
  8. I respond to the question; most likely while continuing to shuffle the deck.
  9. I place the card in the answered pile to denote I consider it responded to.
  10. Go to 6.

If we manage to make it through all 52 questions for the show (it could happen), I will begin drawing from the pile of unanswered questions of shows past. I will do my best to not answer the same question twice unless I believe my answer has changed. Most questions, and the answer given, will be posted here for posterity.

My hope is to deliver and practice everything from the first paragraph while opening space to the questions people are afraid to ask in a crowd of strangers and coworkers.