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Personal stories are usually the best stories. We are all storytellers.

Whether at a cocktail party, on a first date, or during times of absolute and unabashed vulnerability it is our stories that bind us.

You’ve probably heard a gut-wrenching tale or two from someone that made you want to weep or hold them for eternity. You’ve probably heard stories of mishap and situational comedy that made your stomach hurt from laughter.

Really, Life? Collects both types and stories and all points in-between and then puts them into recorded format for the world to hear. You have until the end of the episode to determine whether you think the story is real, based on true events, or completely made up. I will send out a seven day poll via Tweet using the hashtag #ReallyLifeXX where the XX is replaced by the episode number; so, #ReallyLife1 would be episode one and #ReallyLife99 would be episode 99.

Authors want to test their ability to create convincing dialogs and scenes for their fiction. Others sometimes just want to have the story they’ve never been able to share “out there” like a message in a bottle. Really, Life? is the venue for both.

Please understand that by submitting a story you are accepting legal liability for the use of the names of all individuals. I highly recommend you change the names to protect all involved; or, get agreements from the parties that it is okay to use their name in the story.